About Our Company

Our Story

We started our company in 2020 and it grew as we attended farmers markets and now we have loving clients that we love to please . We started our company making floral arrangements with some leftover materials. I started to make more and more and then I had an idea to make some candles to put in the middle of my center pieces. I started to pour some wax melts into a small votive candle mold and I made my first candle. After that I started to make unscented candles and wax melts from wax I had got off of Wish. Once I found out that this was my passion I started to take it seriously. I have invested my last 3 years into my passion and it continues to grow and we are very happy with our business.   We use a coconut soy wax blend and we only use clean scents this is better for you and your health. It is also better for pets and the environment. So we aren't just selling candles we are selling happiness.