About Our Company


Embark on the luxurious journey of Gold Vine Designs where Luxury intertwines with affordability. Our story began in 2020, a year that revealed the joy found in simplicity. We embarked on the art of crafting floral arrangements from leftover materials, transforming the mundane into moments of pure delight.

As we connected with our clients at farmers markets, the idea sparked to infuse our centerpieces with the warm glow of candles. Picture the elegance and comfort brought by the gentle flicker of candlelight, enhancing the heart of our designs.

The candle journey unfolded with the  pouring of wax melts into a small votive candle mold, marking our first candle. This candle led us into the realm of crafting unscented candles and wax melts, utilizing materials sourced from discounted sites. What began as a craft soon evolved into a genuine passion, leading to a dedicated investment of the past three years.

At Gold Vine Designs, our commitment resonates in every detail. We proudly embrace carefully curated soy wax, chosen not only for its luxurious feel but also for the clean and gentle burn it provides – a reflection of our dedication to your well-being. Our selection of clean scents transcends fragrance, offering an experience that nurtures your health.

Beyond the luxury experience, our candles carry a responsibility to the environment and our furry friends. The soy wax not only indulges your senses but also contributes to a sustainable and pet-friendly choice. With each purchase, you're not just acquiring candles; you're investing in moments of pure joy.

We strive to keep our prices low and affordable so as many people can enjoy a high quality luxurious experience without the luxurious price tag. That's why our product mark up percentage is up to 25% lower than the leading candle company . 

This journey has been more than a business venture; it's a labor of love that continues to evolve, fueled by our passion and the support of our cherished clients. Join us in savoring the lavish yet relatable indulgence we offer at [Your Company Name].

Gratefully,  Luke Fouse Founder, Gold Vine Designs